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The Lamar church of Christ will provide free study material to anyone. If you would like a study course, or a free Bible Research CD, please contact us @ (417) 682-5236

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Paul encouraged the young preacher Timothy to "study to show thyself approved" (2 Timothy 2:15). This encouragement also stands true for Christians today as we strive to grow in the knowledge of the Lord through a dilligent study of His word (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We have tried to provide links to study resources below that are accurate, however all material should be compated to God's word for accuracy.

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Answers in Genesis
Apologetics Press
Bible Truths
Creation, Dinosaurs, and the Flood
Creation Research Society
Creation Science
Genesis 1
Length of Creation Days
True Origin

Audio Sermons
Bible Call
A Burning Fire
Pioneer Preachers

Bible Dictionaries

Bible Photos
Bible Places
Holy Land Photos
Walking in Their Sandals

Bible Maps
Bible Maps
Manna Bible Maps
PowerPoint Bible Maps

Biblical Periodicals
Carolina Messenger
Christian Chronicle
Christian Courier
Gospel Advocate
Gospel Gazette
Gospel Preceptor
International Gospel Hour
The Seeker
Think on These Things

Bible Word Pronunciation
Bible Basics

Bible Questions
Bible Answers
What Do The Scriptures Say?
What the Bible Says...

Bible Quiz
Dripping Springs

Bible Reading Plans
Bible Pathway
Dripping Springs

Bible Studies
Bible Studies Foundation
Bible Study Guide
Bible Study Lessons
Gospel Way
Interactive Bible Study
Internet School of Biblical Studies
Jordan Park Bible Study
McGarvey: Guide to Bible Study
Life and Times of Jesus
Life of Christ
Net Bible Study
Online Academy of Biblical Studies
Online Bible Study
Study Jesus
Truth for the World
Truth for Today
Turner Bible Lessons
World Wide Study Bible

Bible Versions
English Standard Version
Audio Bible
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible
Interlinear Bible
Nave's Topical Bible
Online Bible
Parallel Bible

Church History
Early Church Writings
Restoration Movement
The Restoration

Barne's NT Notes
Coffman Commentary
Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown
Matthew Henry
McGarvey: The Fourfold Gospel
McGarvey: Commentary on Acts
McGarvey: Thessalonians, Galations, Romans, Corinthians
People's NT
Robertson's Word Pictures
Treasury of David (Spurgeon)

Nave's Topical Bible
Strong's Exhaustive
Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge


Cults & Other Religions
Roman Catholicism
Seven Myths of Denominationalism

Living Water
Thoughts for the Day
Wisdom's Corner

Family-Safe Media
Screen It

Locate a Congregation

PowerPoint Lessons
Dripping Springs

God's Plan for Salvation

Sister Congregations
Granby church of Christ
Hillcrest church of Christ
Pomona church of Christ
Pittsburg church of Christ
Seneca church of Christ

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